Looks like we’re finally able to run Halo Infinite on Linux by means of GE-Proton7-22. Take it with a grain of salt though as this is in the early stages. The game refuses to run on my desktop with an NVIDIA GPU but it looks like it’s running pretty well on my Deck, albeit with some missing textures.

halo infinite on deck

Someone on the GitHub issue tracker mentioned using a custom-patched Mesa library in order to get the weapons and players to properly render…and it looks like the Nobara Project already has this patched version of Mesa. Looks like I’ll be installing this on an SD card and testing that way.

Although, interestingly enough someone else on the issue tracker has been able to run the game on a RTX 3070, I wonder what they had to do to get it working.

halo infinite on rtx 3070 Image credit: kodatarule on GitHub

In any case, make sure you either rename or delete the video files found inside the videos folder in the game’s installation directory; the game won’t be able to play the videos back and will just return to Steam.