Godot 4 is a pretty major release for the open-source game engine. As such, the developers behind the project have entered into the double-digits territory: alpha 10.

New features with this alpha include initial support for temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), a CLI tool to convert your older Godot 3.x projects to the version 4 API, and a TileMap terrain center bit to support “connect” and “path” draw modes.

Here you can observe the difference in graphical quality with TAA disabled, per the pull request:

godot 4 taa off Image credit: JFonS from GitHub

It might be a bit difficult to notice at first glance, but here is the same scene with TAA enabled:

godot 4 taa on Image credit: JFonS from GitHub

If you zoom in on both screenshots, though, the difference becomes more clear. The latter screenshot with TAA enabled makes the graphics look much more smooth.

For converting a Godot 3.x project to 4, all you need to do is run the --convert-3to4 command. You’re definitely going to want to make a backup of your project first though; there’s no telling what might happen, seeing as we’re still in the alpha stages.

There’s been 149 commits since the last alpha 9 release. Read the Godot blog post for an overview of what’s new, and see the commit history on GitHub for the full list of changes.

Cover image credit: godotengine.org