GE-Proton7-11 was released yesterday. This now automatically enables GameMode for any game run through this version. A user no longer needs to add gamemoderun %command% to their Steam launch options.

The release also comes with the usual updates to dxvk, vkd3d-proton, and dxvk-nvapi; they’re using the latest commits. Proton Experimental (bleeding edge wine build) has also been updated. Build-specific updates have been added from upstream Proton. Not too long after the release, a hotfix was added that allows New World to be run, since the EAC .so library was apparently added.

Check out LGC’s guide on installing GE-Proton (formerly Proton GE) if you want to find an easy way to update your version of GE Proton. If you want to use GE’s custom version of Wine, you can use the recently released Wine-GE-Proton7-8.