Today’s update to GE-Proton is fairly interesting. If you have any games that use DirectX 8, you can now launch them directly with GE-Proton8-24 rather than using D8VK. You just need to supply PROTON_ENABLE_D8VK=1 in the game’s launch parameters. Thanks to loathingKernel – one of the contributors to the Rare EGS launcher – for this feature!

Aside from that, GE-Proton8-24 adds/updates fixes for Fable III, Yazuka 5, and Farlight 84. Video decoders have been added for Crimson Skies and Mafia. DXVK, VKD3D-Proton, and Wine have all been updated to master or bleeding-edge.

All this and more in the patch notes. Steam Deck users can now easily install the latest version of GE-Proton with the Wine Cellar plugin.