GE-Proton8-1 has been released, and as one could probably tell from the versioning number, it has now been rebased to Proton 8 – experimental.

The following tools have also been updated or rebased to the “latest experimental” or “latest git”:

  • Proton-Wine
  • Wine-Staging
  • Proton-GE game patches/pending Wine upstream patches
  • DXVK
  • VKD3D-Proton

Fixes have been added to the following titles:

  • Daedalic Entertainment games – cutscene audio
  • Megadimension Neptunia VII
  • Overwatch should no longer lose focus after death

A couple of notes to be aware of:

  1. FSR is currently disabled as “it needs a massive rebase.”
  2. It is recommended to remove the NVAPI hack for Lutris Battle.NET installations as it can cause the launcher to crash otherwise.

See the patch notes on GitHub.