GE-Proton7-39 adds a freeze fix for Overwatch 2. Though GE-Proton is not meant to be used for games outside of Steam, this fix should help other games. Elder Scrolls Online now has the gamedrive option enabled by default (never heard of gamedrive, to be honest).

Protonfixes have been removed for the following titles/launchers:

The individual tools that make up GE-Proton have been updated to “latest bleeding edge” or “git”:

Additionally, Proton NVAPI fixes have been “pulled in upstream.”

Seems like a pretty exciting release to me! I might do some benchmarking on Deck later tonight and test the performance difference with this release over Proton 7.0-4.

See the patch notes on GitHub. As always, you can refer to my guide for obtaining the latest version of GE-Proton with just a few clicks.

Cover image credit: Sega

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