So, I’m sure you’re aware of Nintendo’s Switch Online subscription service. Y’know, where they drip-feed classic titles that require an active, yearly subscription, rather than buying individual classics and being able to own them.

At any rate, I’d much rather play retro titles on Deck than my Switch. And thankfully that’s possible by dumping NSO - [insert game system name here] from a jailbroken Switch, and emulating it via Ryujinx or Yuzu. Funny thing is, NSO uses its own emulator for playing the classics, so on Deck you’re using an emulator inside an emulator.

Metroid Fusion recently released for the GBA edition of NSO, so I gave it a go. I haven’t been messing around with the power settings too much, other than disabling SMT, but as expected, performance has been pretty solid so far. Doesn’t seem like there’s any options to enable widescreen with GBA emulation. But maybe there’s a mod for that somewhere.

And before anyone starts questioning the legality of this, I do have an active NSO + Expansion Pack that’s set to renew in October. I will gladly provide screenshots with proof of purchase if there’s any doubts.