Going by the reports on ProtonDB, it seems Forza Horizon 4 suffers from random crashing across all GPU vendors, including the Deck. I do recall playing the game back when I had a NVIDIA GPU and getting a consistent crash at the same area in-game.

Seems like u/Conradson spent ten hours trying to figure out a solution. At least for NVIDIA users. Their process is as follows:

  • don’t use GameMode
  • need to use GE-Proton7-24 for some apparent reason
  • Before the first run with GE-Proton7-24, remove the Proton prefix steamapps/compatdata/1293830 if it exists (in your Steam install folder)
  • Before the first run with GE-Proton7-24, disable Shader Pre-Caching, then re-enable it to generate new cache (in Steam > Settings > Shader Pre-Caching)
  • In-game, disable MSAA in the video settings, you can set the other settings as you like

They reported both singleplayer and multiplayer are working without a hitch. Both the native .deb package of Steam on Ubuntu as well as the Flatpak version worked.

Mildly interesting. Since I refunded the game I can’t verify if this works or not. But I’d be curious if this will work on AMD/Steam Deck.

Game is on sale for 67% off during the Xbox lunar sale.

Cover image credit: Playground Games/Xbox Game Studios