Thanks to the ChimeraOS team, a new feature has recently been merged into GameScope: the --force-orientation option. Basically, what this allows users to do is to force the screen orientation via the command line when they’re using GameScope. A common problem that PC handhelds face – albeit for the Deck – is that the screen is in portrait mode rather than in landscape. With this merge, this problem can now be fixed with:

gamescope --force-orientation left

As this commit is fresh out of the oven from just a few hours ago, you’ll need to compile GameScope from source in order to take advantage of this (of course, if you’re on Arch, you can also install the gamescope-git AUR package). Matthew Anderson, AKA ruineka, is currently working on a pull request to enhance this feature even further by automatically rotating the screen, without having to enter the command. Note that GPD devices may not be supported at this time.

See the commit for more details.

Cover image credit: ChimeraOS team

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