UPDATE: FF7R Steam store page is now live, and what’s more, it will be Deck Verified! Game launches about five hours from now.

Final Fantasy 7 is getting a 25th-anniversary stream later today. The stream is only going to be 10 minutes but based on recent activity on SteamDB, as well as speculation on r/GamingLeaksAndRumors, we could be seeing Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Steam, or at least have an announcement about it. The remake has been on the Epic Games Store for exactly six months. I don’t know if I want to believe the game will immediately be available on Steam, as Epic exclusives tend to last for at least a year.

At any rate, FF7R coming to Steam should be good news for those of you who refuse to use EGS. And hopefully Square Enix won’t charge the same $70 price tag that they did on Epic for a barebones PC port. Game works great with vanilla Wine and by forcing DirectX 11.

Cover image credit: samurai-gamers.com

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