Some great news for those of you who are playing the wildly successful Battlefield-like BattleBit Remastered. Recently there were concerns about the game breaking compatibility with Proton with the new FACEIT anti-cheat software that the developers were in the talks of implementing.

Fast forward a few weeks later, Reddit user u/JimmyRecard noticed in the official Discord server for said game that an announcement was made regarding FACEIT Linux/Steam Deck support:

There will be a new version of FACEIT that supports Linux…BBR will be the first game to be using that version.

They do mention this anti-cheat is “a more casual version.” What exactly that means, whether the anti-cheat is user space instead of kernel-level, is not clear. They also mention the anti-cheat software will be supported by a “popular version of Linux”; it’s unclear what distro(s) will be officially supported.

BBR FaceIT announcement

Going by the comments in that Reddit thread, it seems like there are mixed results. Some people can get it to run. Others, such as those who are using NVIDIA GPUs, can’t get it to run through Hyprland and GameScope. It looks like it runs on Steam Deck, though you’ll need to set up a custom controller profile.

So, whether or not you want to buy the game is up to you. Still sounds like it’s a bit of a gamble at this point.

BattleBit Remastered is available on Steam for $15.

Cover image credit: SgtOkiDoki