DRAG is a tough-as-nails racing game that’s available natively on Linux. It went to Steam in early access, and it hasn’t been updated in over a year (and unsurprisingly, the developers didn’t get back to me when I asked on their Discord how progress was coming along). But now it seems like we’ve finally got an update. Not an actual software update; just a general update on what the roadmap for the game is.

According to the post on iRacing, it appears the game will be heading to consoles soon (in case you didn’t know, iRacing bought Orontes Games in December of last year). But more importantly, we’ll be getting updates for the game itself:

DRAG will receive a fleet of improved functionality and new features on all platforms, including an offline single-player campaign mode racing against AI opponents, UI improvements, additional driving aids, a new global progression system, and new content. Following DRAG, a new driving game is also currently under design.

No word on when this update will happen other than “in the coming months.” Hopefully it will be sometime this year.

If you care about supporting native Linux games, you can get the game on Steam (I will give them credit for how well the game runs on Linux).

Cover image credit: iracing.com

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