Last week I had been working on a script for Gardiner Bryant on how to get DOSBox games running on Steam Deck. I had gotten a start on it…but I struggled with getting the sound to work, as well as getting the games to run in fullscreen. Gardiner figured it out better than me, and just yesterday he posted a video on his YouTube channel (he also has the video on Odysee, if you prefer that video platform instead).

Basically, the easiest way to get DOSBox games up and running is by installing them via the Heroic Game Launcher…and most of the time this should work after giving the appropriate permissions with Flatseal. Other times you may need to configure the game’s config file (or the config file for DOSBox itself), or create a bash script. All the details are in the video. A user on LGC’s Matrix channel also suggests using RetroArch with the DOSBox Pure core. There’s plenty of ways to go about it. But I just thought I’d make a quick post about it in case anyone wants to get DOSBox games running on Deck.

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