You just upgraded to the Steam Deck OLED. No judgment passed if you have sold your older LCD model already, but if you still have it, it actually has some use cases that the OLED currently does not have. Or, if you wish to have a portable handleld PC without breaking the bank, the Steam Deck LCD is still great bang for your buck at $350, while still retaining similar performance as the OLED.

Overclocked Console

The Steam Deck OLED is not overclockable (not yet, anyway). After downgrading the firmware to 116 or below, LCD users can overclock the TDP, CPU, and GPU. (The RAM can also be overclocked depending on the RAM manufacturer, but this is something I don’t recommend doing.) Overclocking the Deck to 25 W, 4 GHz CPU, and 2 GHz GPU can result in a 10% FPS boost. Just make sure you have some kind of cooling solution beforehand so the Deck doesn’t throttle the temperature or shut itself off.

Horizon Zero Dawn benchmarks - stock settings vs. overclocked

Worried about battery life draining in just an hour? Well, that’s where docking the Deck comes in. Plug it into an external monitor with a charger plugged in, and battery is no longer a worry. Using an external monitor also means you don’t have to put up with the bland colors of the LCD screen.

Soon, I will have an overclocking guide. In the meantime, you can refer to CryoByte33’s guide – just make sure you downgrade the firmware first to 116 or below.

Upgrade the Resolution and Color

DeckHD is a wonderful screen upgrade. This not only boosts the color gamut from 67% to 87%, but also increases the resolution to 1920 x 1200. It also has less flicker at 40 Hz and improved touch panel responsiveness. The color quality comes pretty darn close to the Deck OLED. This is where overclocking will come in handy, for handling the higher resolution.

A 64 GB Deck LCD for $350, plus $100 for the DeckHD, you’re still saving $100 as opposed to buying the lowest tier Deck OLED, which is $550.

Better Modding Compatibility

Mod your Deck LCD knowing that all of the accessories you buy for it are compatible with said device. While most accessories are backwards-compatible with the OLED, others are not. The JSAUX RGB backplate, for instance, won’t install out-of-the-box on the OLED; the RGB PCB has to be removed since it won’t fit. You also won’t be able to install third-party joysticks like the GuliKit hall-effect sticks, since you’ll lose functionality of the shoulder buttons.

LCD Deck with backplate off

Got any other reasons why you should keep the LCD Deck? Or are my arguments here not good enough? Let me know in the comments!

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