LGC has had a Matrix server for a while. But after long deliberation – despite the fact that Discord is proprietary – I’ve decided to create a Discord server. As much as I want to stick with FOSS as much as I can, the reality is most gamers and content creators alike are on Discord.

On the Discord, you’re free to talk about pretty much anything that’s on your mind. Right now I mostly see it as a place to talk about the Steam Deck and Melee. And Linux gaming, of course. I’ve already got a few of the ChimeraOS developers there. There are a few rules, of course, but I try to keep it laid-back. Worse case scenario is I will DM anyone if they’re breaking any of the rules (rather than embarass them in front of everyone else) and give them a warning. If the situation continues, that’s where the kick comes in.

You can join the Discord here. I’ve also updated the Social page with this link. Since I just created the server, stuff is likely to get shuffled around, roles will need to get added, channels to add, etc.

I know this isn’t going to please the Richard Stallman fans here…but I can’t please everyone. That doesn’t mean the Matrix channel is going anywhere; you’re still welcome to join there as I will be keeping it as an option for those who shy away from Discord.

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.