Decky Recorder just got better. There’s now a Replay feature that saves the last 30 seconds. According to the patch notes on GitHub, the button combo is Steam + Start. However, in the QAM it says Steam + Y. At any rate, this feature can be toggled by up to 5 minutes. So, next time you get that sick nasty combo in a fighting game, or you get that lucky headshot, now you can quickly capture that sweet, sweet moment.

The patch notes also mention “recordings are now done with the proper muxer.” Meaning the recordings don’t need to be re-muxed after. I would imagine that means recordings are always saved now, rather than dealing with the gamble of the recording not actually saving after you press Stop Recording. If so, that’s great news.

Hopefully in a future update we’ll also get an option to store the recordings to a MicroSD card.

See the patch notes on GitHub. An update should be available if you have this plugin installed.