dbrand actually had the audacity to create a Steam Deck skin called the “SwitchDeck”. Not only did they use the word “Switch” in their name, but they also used Nintendo’s coloring scheme with their original joycon set.

I’m just going to let dbrand’s site do the talking for me, as their humor is a lot more funny than mine:

For years, countless blogs have clickbaited millions into believing that a “Switch Pro” was just around the corner. One Switch Lite and a Switch OLED later, we decided to tackle the problem ourselves. After stockpiling a considerable amount of ammunition, our lawyers quietly remarked how they would prefer if we abandoned the mercenary plot and instead went back to shameless plagiarism. Unfortunately for the blog writers, we know how to multitask.

They also mention the “research” they went through:

When performing competitive research for the SwitchDeck, our first impulse was naturally to infiltrate Nintendo’s Kyoto fortress. After hiring an Italian plumber, we provided him with two things: an adhesive-backed mustache, and a plane ticket to Japan. Perhaps it’s no surprise that his body was later recovered from the Tokyo Bay - we’ve had yakuza problems for a while now. In any event, our backup plan seemed to work just fine: take a Nintendo Switch out of inventory and rip it off. Checkmate, Miyamoto.

dbrand SwitchDeck back

Heh, I have to give them credit, not just for their bold move, but also giving me a genuine chuckle. I highly suspect the Big N is going to get themselves involved sooner rather than later, to no one’s surpise. Just because the Switch logo is blurred out on the back, doesn’t mean they’ve covered their arses. I bet we won’t make it to the end of the week before dbrand will have to halt sales due to Nintendo’s lawyers being the lawyers that they are.

If you’re planning on getting one, you better get it now before Nintendo does something about it. Although, to me it’s really not worth the $50 for.

Images are credit of dbrand.

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