CTRL + ALT + REPEAT. A tough-as-nails platformer where you play as a generic robot who has no purpose. Make your way to the end of the level, jumping your way from platform to platform, sliding down slopes, riding across walls, and flying through rings, without touching the water or getting hit by a sweeper.

If you like difficult, this game is for you. Even the first level, where you simply jump from pillar to pillar, is pretty hard. While the controls are solid, the pillars themselves are very small, which don’t give the robot a whole lot of leeway when crossing from one gap to another. Jumps and tilts of the control stick have to be calculated very precisely. You can sprint, jump, grapple, glide, and grind on rails to make your way to the end of the stage. Some of these abilities will be unlocked later on – but beware, the difficulty will continue to rise.

Not going to lie, even though there’s 64 levels across four worlds, I didn’t make it past the fourth or fifth one. As the Steam store page describes, this game is going to require “patience and focus to complete,” which I evidently don’t have.

CTRL + ALT + REPEAT gliding

If you noticed through the screenshots that the assets look pretty generic, well, you’re right. A quick look at the credits will tell you most of the in-game assets were straight up made by someone other than the developer. It probably explains why the game comes at an absurdly cheap $5 price tag.

To go along with that, pretty much the only sound effects that play in-game are the background music, and if the robot touches the water. The robot doesn’t make any sounds as he’s running, jumping, or landing on the ground. Maybe that’s a good thing for some, but to me, it gives the robot less personality. You don’t even know why the game uses a robot as a character in the first place, or what his purpose is in the game other than to make it to the end of the stage.

I guess the one good thing that comes out of this game is that there’s a native Linux version. Even then, though, there are a couple of issues. For one, the resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 by default when you’re playing on Steam Deck. And sometimes when you’re adjusting the resolution in-game, sometimes the “Apply” button won’t appear, unless you adjust the graphics preset as well. Gamepad navigation across the menus can be iffy at times as well, forcing you to use the touchscreen to enter menus.

CTRL + ALT + REPEAT wall-running

Weirdly enough today, when trying to launch the game on Deck, the background music will play, but nothing shows up on screen. After a few seconds, the Deck just shuts itself off. Verifying the files did nothing. Forcing the game to use Proton 8.0-4 did nothing either. I played the game on my Legion Go, and thankfully the game works on that device. But I have absolutely no idea why the game just causes the Deck to crash. It was working fine when I first got the game.

Overall I can’t recommend this game. While the controls are great, and the difficulty can be considered a plus for some, the game doesn’t really use any original assets and is pretty generic. Native Linux support is great, but for the strangest reason, the game will cause the Steam Deck to shut itself off. There’s no “personality” to the robot; there’s no sound effects for him. Pretty much the only sound effect that plays outside of the BGM is when he touches the water. The resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 by default on Deck, and gamepad navigation across the menus is hit-or-miss.


The good:

  • superfluous controls
  • depending on how you like difficult platformers, I guess that can be considered a perk
  • native Linux support

The not-so-good:

  • many ripped off assets
  • barely any sound effects played during gameplay
  • resolution set to 1920 x 1080 on Deck, iffy gamepad navigation across menus
  • the game at first worked on my Deck, but now, playing the game just causes the Deck to shut down

CTRL + ALT + REPEAT swinging

CTRL + ALT + REPEAT is on Steam for $5 and is available natively on Linux.

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