New update for the awesome couch-oriented gaming distro ChimeraOS has come upon us. Included in this update:

  • switch from PulseAudio to PipeWire
  • Chimera web app has increased responsiveness
  • desktop mode (which was introduced with version 35) adds support for additional languages, adds “Disks” and “Archive Manager” tools, and switches “Terminal” to “Console”

Several fixes have been made:

  • fixed non-Steam shortcut issues caused by game database update failures
  • fixed system update failures when resuming downloads
  • fixed restarting Steam from the Chimera web app with Gamepad/Deck UI

Chimera web app

Some features from the Chimera web app are now being deprecated “as part of the phasing out of Big Picture Mode”:

  • virtual keyboard
  • performance overlay/MangoHud toggle and settings
  • Steam overlay toggle
  • compositor/window mode toggle

Chimera web app context menu

Patch notes can also be seen on GitHub. I have a few interviews with the ChimeraOS developers that you may be interested in: