I noticed during my break that my sanity had significantly improved. That being said, however, now that I’ve resumed writing since late September and have had the opportunity to think things through, there will be a few changes going forward – which you may have noticed already.


  • less news, more original content
  • Twitter / X will rarely be used
  • some good stuff to look forward to, including interviews and reviews
  • please let me know in the comments what articles you want to see!

Less News, More Original Content

First, news will be limited, with a stronger emphasis on more original content. There will be no weekly news recap. I may not even cover major software updates.

There are a number of reasons for this. For one thing, this will give me a chance to breathe. It frees me from the needless anxiety of rushing to get an article out just for the sake of views. Spending less time on the news also gives me the time to work on more original content – such as reviews, guides, and interviews – and actually have the chance to go outside for a walk.

Another reason is, the news is everywhere. Take, for example, the Deck OLED that was announced on Thursday. I know for a fact you’ve read or seen about that 100 times at this point. If I were to write a piece about that, that would make it the 101st time you’ve read such a thing. This is frankly needless, repetitive information that doesn’t need to be rehashed over and over. You’re well aware of such a device and you don’t need to be reminded about it for the 101st time. Believe me, I get a headache myself when I’m catching up on the news and I see this being talked about in just about every news feed that I’m subscribed to.

A third reason is – and I’m going to be honest here – some websites and YouTubers trigger me. While I will try to be as unbiased as I can in my news reporting, there are some media outlets that I just can’t stand visiting anymore. And no, of course I’m not going to mention these people by name, as I still do have a certain measure of respect for them. But every time I do read or see their content, I get frustrated – because I have to be reminded how much better they’re doing, and see them rub off to me their gadgets that I don’t get. I’ll admit, I’ve been fortunate as of late to get some pretty decent review products – be it hardware or games. Some of you even expressed jealousy with my GameCube-themed Deck. So maybe it goes in both ways. Shrugs. But, of course, I didn’t get a Deck OLED, so there won’t even be any point in doing a review even after I buy it – because you’ve probably read quite a few reviews already.

Less Social Media Interaction

Twitter / X was once tolerable with TweetDeck. Or, more specifically, ModernDeck. It was free of ads, the interface was cleaner, I wasn’t getting pushed with Tweets from people I don’t follow, I wasn’t getting people’s political opinions shoved down my throat, and I could push my articles out with RSS automation – without even needing to visit Twitter in the process.

Now that Elon has taken over the social media website, TweetDeck is locked behind a “Premium” paywall. I’m forced to use the default web interface for Tweeting. I have to manually put in the title of my articles along with the URL whenever I push a new article out, because RSS automation is now locked behind a paywall as well. I have to use uBlock Origin to block specific areas that are ads. I have anxiety and stress from reading Tweets from people who are incredibly pessimistic and are always complaining about something. And while of course muting and blocking are options, the thing is, other Tweeters will come into the fore, and you’ll have to repeat the process with them. It’s a frustrating mess that I’d rather not have to deal with.

So, needless to say, I won’t be using X often at this point. If you want to keep up-to-date with articles posted on LGC, please follow me on Mastodon or subscribe to my RSS feed. On Mastodon I will conduct occasional polls to get people’s thoughts on certain things, such as whether I should write about this or that. Might even share some clips or photos for upcoming articles.

Upcoming Content

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here is my outline of some upcoming articles that may or may not come to fruition:

  • interview with Fizzi, creator of Slippi. They responded with “I’m not accepting many interview requests at the moment.” When I followed up with the question if they would be up for an interview a few months from now, they replied, “I don’t know at the moment.” So, I’m not really sure if this will happen. I really hope it does though. We’ll see.
  • interview with the founder of Cemu, the Wii U emulator. I had contacted them way back in April and they said they would be up for one. After I sent them a list of questions, they never got back to me, even after some occasional reminders. So, I don’t think this one will happen, unfortunately.
  • another interview with James Ramey, president of CodeWeavers. I want to get his thoughts on the new Deck OLED and where things are progressing with Proton.
  • Legion Go with ChimeraOS. I had jotted down some quick notes when I first tried the distro on said handheld, but I will likely have a more full, detailed review once the OS matures and there’s complete compatibility with the device. As it is, progress on the handheld has been coming along quite nicely.
  • upcoming distro reviews. Particularly I’m looking at the Fedora-based Bazzite, “an alternative operating system for the Steam Deck,” and winesapOS. I’ve been meaning to review the latter distro for some time, but I’m waiting for the next release before I do so.
  • DeckHD review. Pretty horrible timing now that the Deck OLED has been announced, but it’s already on its way and I can’t back out of it. Still, I guess the bigger resolution will be nice though.
  • Battle Shapers review. I had reviewed the roguelite FPS demo back in June. Now that I have the full game, I will probably wait until it is out of early access before I review it again.
  • probably some other stuff I’m forgetting to mention

What Would You Like to See?

I hope these changes aren’t too drastic for my readers. In the meantime, I’ll take this post as an opportunity to ask what you want to see. Want a Steam Deck plugin covered? An interview with someone I didn’t mention? A guide on how to do x? Please let me know in the comments! I’m eager to hear your thoughts.