One thing that always turned me off about Cemu – the Wii U emulator – was the fact that it was closed-source. Nearly eight years after the creation of the emulator, it is now fully open-source and licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Not only this, but the emulator now has Linux builds available, although for the time being you’ll have to compile the emulator from source:

Right now you still have to compile Cemu yourself for most distros. However, we are looking into adding AppImage or Flatpak releases for convenience. Be aware that the Linux version of Cemu isn’t fully fleshed out yet. It should generally work fine, but there are some remaining issues, most of them related to the UI.

Awesome news! With the emulator now open-source I’m sure more developers will get on board and continue to enhance the emulator, including having pre-compiled Linux builds. Hopefully better compatibility with EmuDeck as well. There’s plenty of other stuff added with the 2.0 update; have a look at the changelog for more info.

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