Since the news about Cemu going open-source and available for Linux went viral a few weeks ago, we’re already starting to see improvements to the Wii U emulator with version 2.0-1.

To start, the update is mostly bug fix-related. Many of the issues present with 2.0 should no longer be a problem with this update. The patch notes also mention “lots of smaller Linux improvements,” although it doesn’t go into detail concerning what exactly has been improved. I suppose you could check the commit history if you want all the details. The developers mention that “we are still working on additional distribution formats (AppImage/Flatpak).”

Apparently a recent Wii U firmware update has screwed things around for people with North American Nintendo accounts who wanted to play online. That problem is now fixed.

See the patch notes on Cemu’s official site. Also, be sure to check out Steam Deck HQ’s guide on getting Wii U games set up on Deck!