Are you a fan of the Budgie desktop environment? Well, you can hear about the project’s upcoming plans later this month. By participating in the event you also have the opportunity to provide feedback.

For those unaware, the Budgie desktop environment, as the page for it on Wikipedia mentions, is focused on “simplicity, minimalism, and elegance” and is tightly integrated with the GNOME stack, such as GTK. It is the default DE shipped with Solus. Budgie version 10.6.1 was released a little over a week ago that mostly focuses on bug fixes that were present with version 10.6.

Buddies of Budgie workshop details Image credit: Buddies of Budgie Tweet

As the Buddies of Budgie Tweet mentions, the workshops are related to “defining the Buddies of Budgie, core values, community development, resource sharing, B10 & B11 current & future objectives, and more!” Each workshop will be about three hours and will be held over Google Meet.

You can read more details by reading the message that was posted on their Matrix channel. In the event you can’t attend the livestream, you can view the videos on their YouTube channel.

Cover image credit: Buddies of Budgie Blog