Today’s update to Bottles – an easy way of running Windows-based applications on Linux – fixes GameScope, DLSS, updates translations, rewrites the vkBasalt frontend, and adds other QoL improvements. Patch notes are as follows:


  • Fix Gamescope arguments by @jntesteves
  • Fix DLSS by @cyberphantom52
  • Don’t use d3d10 & d3d10_1 dll’s from dxvk by @Blisto91


  • Improve bottle details view by @cyberphantom52
  • Redesign details view by @cyberphantom52
  • Add grade tooltips by @TheEvilSkeleton
  • QoL improvements by @TheEvilSkeleton
  • Rewrite vkBasalt frontend by @TheEvilSkeleton
  • Minor consistency fixes by @TheEvilSkeleton
  • Minor improvements for drive selection by @TheEvilSkeleton


  • cli: Fix ignored name when adding program via CLI by @zphensley42
  • NVAPI hotfix by @cyberphantom52
  • Header Capitalization and localization fixes by @A6GibKm
  • Fix installer completion by @jntesteves
  • Fix deadlock of Popen.wait by @davidmartos96


  • translation updates by @weblate
  • Use metainfo by @TheEvilSkeleton
  • Add accel for window.close and chain up vfunc by @A6GibKm
  • about: Add libraries to acknowledgements and remove slashes by @TheEvilSkeleton
  • Settings Rework by @jannuary

Patch notes can also be read on GitHub. The Bottles team recommends installing the Flatpak version for the best compatibility.