The Deck might truly have a competitor now with the upcoming Aya Neo 2 handheld. YouTuber Taki Udon described this handheld as “an entirely different beast” and is “the first real improvement” over the many other handhelds that Aya Neo made in the past.

For starters, the Aya Neo 2 sports the AMD Ryzen 7 Zen 3 6800U processor, which has eight cores and is capable of clocking up to 4.7 GHz. The iGPU has Radeon RDNA 2 680M graphics, 12CU clocked at 2.2 GHz. The battery is 50Wh – 10Wh more than the Deck – and boasts a 1920 x 1200 7" screen. The screen has a much smaller bezel than the Aya Neo Next. The sticks have a LED glow around the circle (hopefully someone will be able to make a script to turn them off, if Aya won’t have an option available). The layout and grips have been described as being much more ergonomic than the Next.

At the top of the unit, it looks like there are two USB-C ports, a volume rocker, a fingerprint sensor, and two hotkey buttons. (The device can be charged via a port on the bottom.)

Aya Neo 2 top

As far as performance goes on Windows, it looks like Resident Evil 3 gets an average of 180 FPS at 720p on low settings. At max settings, it gets about a 10% performance improvement over the Deck at 64 FPS, but has significantly less CPU temperature (20 degrees Celcius difference). Increasing the TDP to 32 watts on the Aya Neo 2 produces a framerate of 83 FPS, although the battery would die in less than an hour.

On Far Cry New Dawn, Taki was able to use 22 watts with high settings at native resolution, while getting a framerate of a little over 30 FPS. Maintaining the same framerate on Monster Hunter: World requires increasing the TDP to 28 watts.

The prototype that Taki Udon has is “90 to 95% complete” from being a retail unit. As such, there were certain details he couldn’t go into due to NDA. So there’s no mention of how much RAM is in the unit, what class it is, or how much hard drive space there is. Price obviously wasn’t disclosed either, or a release date.

Aya Neo 2 running Resident Evil 3 at max settings 720p

If I were to summarize the video, the Aya Neo 2 would have the following advantages over the Deck:

  • ~10% performance improvement depending on the game being played, while having much lower CPU temps
  • larger battery
  • larger screen resolution
  • more USB-C ports, fingerprint sensor, macro buttons

10% doesn’t sound like much…and if I were to take a wild guess the price will be at least two or three times that of the Deck. But at least it’s a start. In other news, Aya is also working on Aya Neo OS, so the Aya Neo 2 will likely benefit from that.

All images are credit of Taki Udon.

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