A few weeks ago I had talked about Aya Neo’s new handheld, which will sport AMD’s new Mendocino APU: the Aya Neo Air Plus. As it seems manufacturers are resorting to desparate measures, they go after cheaper processors such as the Mendocino APU to match the price of the Steam Deck. As in the case of the Air Plus, it’s even cheaper at $289, although there’s no mention of how much RAM or storage is supplied.

For a while we didn’t know what the performance of this new APU was, until we recently saw some results over on UserBenchmark. It comes as no surprise that you get what you pay for: the performance isn’t anywhere near the Van Gogh APU found in the Deck. Though both processors have a base clock of 2.4 GHz, as well as having four cores and eight threads, the Ryzen 3 7320U (Mendocino) has only two RDNA 2 compute units, in contrast to the eight found in the Deck. Under the Graphics section, UserBenchmark reported this about the new APU:

5.63% is a very low 3D score (RTX 2060S = 100%). This GPU can only handle very basic 3D games but it’s fine for general computing tasks.

We don’t know if the Air Plus will be using this specific APU (the Ryzen 3 7320U), but if it does, it’s clear that it isn’t going to offer anywhere near the same performance as the Steam Deck. But I will say this – it’s good to finally see a handheld that isn’t going to break your wallet.

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