So I thought I’d have a little fun today and present a summary of the stats LGC has received over the past eight days since the Plausible Analytics went live. I will probably make this a thing at the beginning of each month where I summarize the stats for the month prior.

I’ve had 3.7k unique visitors and 5.6k total pageviews in just a week. That’s a lot for a site that’s brand new. Most of these visitors are from the US, standing at 1.2k viewers. Germany comes second at 284 visitors, and Canada ranks third at 261. Primary US states are California and New York (maybe some of them are using a VPN?).

Traffic primarily comes from desktop and mobile. 45% of traffic comes from desktop users, and mobile isn’t far behind at 42%. Only 10% browse the site from a laptop, and 4% are using a tablet. Interestingly enough 40% of these users are using Firefox as their web browser. 34% use Chrome. I would have figured people would stop using Firefox due to the controversy that is Mozilla, but I guess that’s not the case.

By far the most frequently used operating system is Android at 34%. Windows comes second at 24%. More people browse the site with Windows than GNU/Linux (23%). Strange, right? (Although, combined Linux stats, including Ubuntu and Fedora, make up 30%.)

Peak traffic came on April 1st. Man, what a cruel joke I made, huh? Lot of people fell for that one. That page was viewed 1.3k times. People are still clicking on it right now. The next article would be the winesapOS spotlight at 918 views, then the Kirby 60 FPS guide at 622.

An overwhelming amount of traffic comes from Reddit. Particularly from r/linux_gaming. I contacted the mods over there and asked if it was okay to promote my posts there, and they’re fine with it. I just hope I’m not spamming the subreddit too much. But that’s by far where the most people are coming from. Twitter doesn’t even stand a chance at only 29 visitors versus the 2.2k visitors from Reddit. Google and DuckDuckGo come third and fourth, with 24 and 20 visitors respectively.

So there you have it. I’m really impressed with the amount of traffic LGC has received in just a week’s worth of time. By May I would imagine these stats will multiply even more significantly.

As a side note, I ask a favor. I’m not going to nag anyone to support my work. But what I would appreciate is your feedback. Judging by the viewcount of the Kirby guide, for instance, I see that it has been helpful to the community. A simple “thank you” goes a long way to help me keep going and lets me know that the guide was worth posting. In fact, any kind of feedback is warmly accepted and appreciated.

My goal is to make your life with gaming on Linux easier. Don’t be afraid to point out to me if there is a part of some guide that’s wrong or a piece of important info that’s missing. Cactus comments make it super easy to leave a comment; as I’ve mentioned before, there’s no registration or moderation approval needed. I welcome you to say what’s on your mind, as long as it’s not political or NSFW.


  • Almost 6k pageviews, mostly coming from desktop and mobile users
  • Most visitors are from the US
  • The page with the highest amount of views is my April Fool’s joke
  • Android is the most frequently used OS
  • Firefox is the browser of choice
  • Most traffic comes from Reddit
  • Feedback on any of my articles is greatly appreciated

Stay tuned for the stats for April!

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.