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I was a long-time editor at Boiling Steam, a web site dedicated to Linux gaming, from 2015-2022. I’ve done game reviews, hardware reviews on laptops from companies like System76 and Tuxedo Computers, voiced a few different opinions, such as whether Proton (the compatibility layer that allows Windows-based games to run on Linux) has killed native Linux gaming, covered news topics on such things as the Steam Deck, and so much more.

I also happen to be a freelance script writer for Gardiner Byrant (formerly known as The Linux Gamer), a popular YouTuber who’s been reporting on the Linux gaming scene since 2014. If he’s talked about the Steam Deck in one of his videos, chances are I wrote the script for it. Here’s an example.

Despite the name of the site, it’s not exclusively for Linux and Linux gaming. I may occassionally touch on console gaming. Like reviews on Nintendo Switch games, for example.

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